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Sunday, 5 March 2017



There's 3 simple things here that we must practice it to live a happy life.

1. Only say good and positive things.
Even if you're at the peak of your anger.
Especially if you're in such a terrible situation, everything seems wrong and you just want to utter some bad words so you will feel better but actually you'll not.
Or when you feel really mad at someone, just speak good or remain silent.
Be like incense, the more they burn us, the more we fragrant. 
It’s all about attitude.

2. See the good side of others
Every time we meet people; try to search the good side in them.  It could be from many perspectives.  Their characters, their looks, their knowledge, their nice outfit, their abilities on something. 
And do let them know they have that good things in them.  Because people don’t always realize the specialties they own and keep on seeing the blessings of other people, always seeing the grass is greener on the other side.
Compliment people, but don’t be sarcastic. Make them happy, make them feel valuable
But it will definitely be hard when you're having problems with someone. During that time all you see is just the negative side of that person, kan?

3. Appreciate 
Even if they did small things.  In fact, small things matter the most.  Notice every single thing they do and appreciate them. It doesn't always have to be 'thank you'.  Just show some courtesy. Show that we care. For example, raise up your hand to the guard, compliment your mum's cooking, say 'take care' to your roommate whenever they go out, give some chocolates as a way to say thanks, give a big hug and say 'good girl' to your nieces if they clean up their toys, and a fist bump to your nephews, etc. Also, don't forget to use these 3 magic words: please, sorry and thanks. It's not that hard actually.  
To be honest, it is easy to appreciate the things that are rarely done but it is harder to thank people for things that they usually do as it is their responsibility to do it. We seem to take these people for granted, and these people are usually the people closest to us..

Be happy, count your blessings and look at the life in the best ways :D

Happiness is subjective. Happiness is free. 


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Update please haha

Hana Nabilah said...

Haha will update soon InsyaAllah after i finish my exams

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