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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Clean and Pure


I woke up and went straight to the window.
I was screaming inside (coz my roommate was still sleeping otherwise I would just cry tears of joy) the view was just unfathomably magnificent masyaAllah. The snowfall is still showering since last night! They said today is the heaviest snowfall since years. Despite the coldness of the weather, I enjoy watching the snowflakes flutter from the sky covering the earth, building the snowman, playing snowballs or just walking on the fluffy snow. Snow is just the prettiest creation I've ever seen. I couldn't stop smiling and praising Him.

Beautiful things don't always have to be as colourful as the rainbow or as bright as the sun or as pretty as me (ameen) (jk jk haha) but white is immaculate, simple and clean. I wish my heart is always as pure as the driven snow, won't be contaminated by the sins and bad deeds.  But I need to accept the fact that i am not an angel.

There are lots of hurdles and hardships that we need to overcome throughout the winter. First 2 months were tough!
Our body system gets confused trying to adapt with the weather. Rain and windy. We have to wear thick layers of clothes; need to pay extra electric bills because we tend to use the heater and hot water more often. Above all, we have to bear with the coldness of the water especially if the tap doesn't have knob for hot water. But then Allah bestows His blessings by showering the snow so that humans with an open heart can feel the calmness and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There’s a famous phrase that says
'after rain comes the rainbow'
i would say
'after the cold wind comes the snow'
oh yeah

i got new friend 

cute isnt it? ngehh

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