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Thursday, 22 December 2016

i stand with Aleppo


cute little Dhuha drew this :) 

Several days ago, I went to visit my old classmate in Bursa. A very tough strong woman from Syria, who have 3 kids and is currently struggling with her PhD in Architecture in Turkish language (!). The fact that she's a newbie who just learned a new language within 8 months and now she has to write her thesis approximately hundreds pages with that hard-grammar language-makes me awe her determination.

May Allah ease her path InsyaAllah. All she want is to just finish her studies and return to her beloved country, Syria. 

What I wanted to share actually is an incident that happened when I was at her house.
Her husband and her oldest son (11 y/o) went to the masjid to perform Maghrib prayer. While we are performing our prayers at home, they got back from the masjid and we could hear they were knocking on the door. Apparently her youngest son (5 y/o) was using the laptop but he didn't open the door. I couldn't focus on my prayer because I thought like why on earth didn't he open the door. So after we finished our salah, my friend opened the door and told me that when they were in Syria back then, there was a group of army harshly knocked on their house door and they were so scared. Since then if someone knocks the door, her son won't open it. Poor little boy, the knocks on the door must have caused him trauma.

I also have some lecturers from Syria.
They said, teaching and meeting with students are the only time where they can smile and be cheerful. Other times, they can't stop thinking about their country, families, friends, relatives and everything that is currently happening in Syria :'(

I feel so helpless after scrolling Facebook and Twitter, reading the news, watching the videos. With a youth spirit inside me, what I always wanted is to just go there and help them. But after reading the violent and inhumane things that they do to our sisters and  brothers there, I couldn't bear with it. I am so sorry my brothers and sisters. I also can't stand the cruelties. I am so sorry the world is just not a safe place anymore.

We are trying our best on what we can do. Praying, not forgetting 'qunut nazilah', sharing the news, join any humanitarian mission, donate. But still, we feel so helpless :'((

I still remember how scared I was at the night of 15th July 2016 where the Turkish military was trying to rule the county. I heard bombs, jet, sirens and people shouting 'Allahu akbar'. But praises be to Him the coup failed. And the next day was going smoothly like nothing happened the day before. 

What I experienced is just 1% compared to what my brothers and sister are facing right now in Syria, Palestine, Rohingya and so on. I can't imagine how scared they are until they want to commit suicide because they just can't stand the ruthlessness of the armies.

End this war. 
Pray for a better world. 
Not forgetting, lets keep improving ourselves to become a better Muslims. 
Love will prevail. 

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