Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Summer holiday


Spending my summer holiday in Turkey is actually not a bad idea at all although I've missed a lot of programmes and activities in Malaysia. Except for missing my family and batch reunion :(
and yeah, getting sunburnt. neyse

It depends on how we manage our time effectively, and restrain ourselves from staying at home all day (even the sun is shining brightly :o) 

i just learned something new from arabic word and it was very interesting makes me want to share here. Ustaz told us about the word "العطلة". During my secondary school, i've heard this word so many times and whoever has learned arabic would probably know the meaning of "العطلة" it means "holiday". yah. The root word is "عطل" means "damage". It does make sense right? holiday and damage? because we, including me, always wasting our time doing something useless. so it's like 'rosak iman' (?) if u get what i mean. Reminds me of a formula "pemuda + masa lapang = awal maksiat". So lets fulfill our leisure time with some beneficial. shall we? :) 

Travel, is how i'm spending my holidays. I have 75 out of 81 cities in Turkey that have not yet discovered. fuhh. *checking my bank acc* eheh. but who cares about the money flow like water when you gained a lot of experience and learned a lot of things, right? (uh oh i do care a little bit.hehe) But seriously, having the chance to see the beauty of His creation, worth better!

i heard this somewhere 'those who have intellect will ponder over the creation of Allah'
you know, by looking at the ocean, mountains, trees, animals, flowers, even humans, taught us, how amazing He is and how small we are yet we are still arrogant. 

And i really love to ponder upon the oceans or basically,  water. u see, the ocean/water/river looks light blue, dark blue, green, brown and pink in colour but when we look closer, all of them are actually transparent (unless there's a water pollution hoho). Same as us, humans, have different types of skin tones, different races yet we were created from clay, so why are people racist?  why do we fight each other? :(

15 temmuz once, istanbul'da buyuk bir olay oldu. Cumhuriyet ve askerler bir problem vardır ama cesur bir halk sayesinde bu ulke hala barıştır. Ben oyle bir olay ilk defa görduğum için çok korktum. Çünkü çok gorultu. ambulans, bom, depo, jet, azan, her şey duydum. Ben sadece bir kere öyle bir olay geçtim ama akrabalarım palestine'da suria'da ve her hangi bir müsluman ülkesi her gün öyle.

İkı gün önce yenikapı'da halklar ralli topluyorlar. çok çok insan vardır. 
Ben bir şey düşündum eğer dünyada böyle bir kalabalık varsa, 'mahsyar'da nasıl olacak ki?

طلبْتُ من أصدقاءي امس عن ايّ نصيحة التي جيدة و حسنة لأنّني احتاج اليها.  سألت وأجابوني. اشكرهم جدا لمن نصحوني شيئا.  وشعرْتُ بالسعيدة واظنّ ان اعمل  هكذا في زمان القادم لأنّ الناس يحتاج الى النصيحة داءما.  اليس كذلك؟ انتم معي؟ حتّى يوجد قي القرءان الأية (51:55)  التي فيها: فان الذكرى تنفع للموءمنين

fuh. maka bolehlah kita simpulkan di sini bahawa, cuti musim panas akan datang ayuhlah pulang ke tanah air.  k tak tak. takde kaitan. hoho

manfaatkan masa sebaiknya, hana :)  

*ok berjaya tulis 4 bahasa + berbudi bahasa - tatabahasa (yg mcm berterabur)  so jadi 5 lah kot 

where to next? :D

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