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Saturday, 15 September 2012

sharing :)

 For this post, im going to share with you my greatest experience ever.  I’m sure that some of you have also done umrah, but different people have different experiences, so I will share mine.
Alhamdulillah praises be to Allah I had been called as his guest for making my first umrah last year with my family. Before I start, I’m going to share an interesting info something. For your information, makkah and madinah are countries that have hot and dry climate. Alhamdulillah, I went there during winter where the winds were very strong and cold.
The environments there are very different from Malaysia, as everyone wears hijab and cover their aurahs.

There were many memorable moments when we were there, but I’m going to share the best places we visited. Firstly, in Madinah, there’s a place called Raudhah which is located inside Masjid Nabawi. Raudhah is one of the Heaven’s gardens, and the resting place of our beloved prophet, Rasulullah and his two loyal friends, Saydina Abu Bakar and Saydina Umar. There’s a limited visiting time for women to visit Raudhah, so when the time comes, the place will be so crowded with people that comes from all over the world.
The moment when I wanted to make my sunat prayer, I couldn’t even ruku’ or sujud because there are no space. When I tried to sujud, my head was hit by other people. However, I feel very honoured for having the chance to visit here, especially when remembering all His sacrifices for us, his beloved ummah. Masya Allah peace be upon him.

Ok, the second place is makam saidina hamzah b abdul mutalib which is located next to the Uhud Mountain. Allah has promised that Saidina hamzah  will be the Syuhada’s leader in Heaven. But it was very different when seeing his grave. His grave was flat and was only marked with a small stone, with no fancy designs whatsoever. Physically looking at it, it seems that it doesn’t have any values, but it has a tremendous value given by Allah.
Before I left Madinah, I grab the chance to do a little shopping for souveniers so that I could focus doing ibadah in makkah. 

The next place is Masjidil Haram in Makkah. The first time I saw kaabah, no other words can describe except Alhamdulillah. I felt very privileged for being able to pray in Masjidil haram where the reward is 100 thousand times more.
I also grab the chance to do lots of umrah and tawaf. I had even tried once to kiss the black stone, but the people there are so big and it was really really super duper crowded so I miss that chance to kiss it. But I didn’t felt dismay anyway.

The last place is the hira’ cave. Alhamdulillah I had the chance to climb up to the Hira’ cave at Makkah. I went there at night. where it was freezing cold, and the cold wind was blowing hard until I felt like flying, besides having the sand blowing in my eyes. Only 20 meters up, I felt exhausted. Just try to imagine how Saidatina Khadijah climb up the cave to send food to Rasulullah, masya Allah! Finally I reached the cave, it is really small and it fits only one person.
I think that’s all the sharing from me about my journey during umrah. I truly hope I get another chance to visit there again. I also hope all of you also will have the chance to visit makkah and Madinah. Insha’Allah. 

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